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Image showing crucial tools for Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) is key to manage interactions with current and potential customers. It is particularly important to convert a lead to a sale, to retain customers, and to grow repeat purchases.

Central to CRM this is an up-to-date database, and key to building this database is data capture at every customer touchpoint – in store, in surgery, online, on social media, phone calls, on online chat.

Customer Relationship Management software can be used to further integrate customer data from several touchpoints and platforms, ensuring a seamless customer journey, and that your conversation with a customer is consistent and personalised, wherever they interact with your brand.

Platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Mailchimp allow ‘remarketing’ where customers who have interacted with a website or a platform are sent follow up communication, either on their own or other platforms.

Savvy Marketing can ensure that you not only connect with new audiences but stay in touch with them with appropriate messages, wherever you can reach them. These messages can be tested for, and tailored to an individual customer.

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