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Savvy Design

Savvy Marketing only employs Savvy designers who have demonstrated their creative ability, technical knowledge, and analytical and problem-solving skills.

Yes, they are creative, but they are much more, and for good reason, as creativity alone doesn’t cut it in the digital space.

Creativity is combined with an eye for user experience and an ability to work across multiple platforms.

A Savvy Designer…

  • Is the first to work out which link was clicked on most in your last email, or whether the low ‘open-rate’ was driven by the subject line 
  • Knows that where you include a ‘click here’ button on a piece of communication will determine its success and therefore its value. 
  • Knows that the rules they gave her at design school for the required image resolution can be worked around if she uses her eye

Some examples…

A Savvy designer also works collaboratively and keeps budget, time and production constraints in mind. A Savvy designer is part of a Savvy team, who know how to brief and evaluate creative.

– Geni Saunders – Senior Graphic Designer, Savvy Marketing

Top 10 Rules of Savvy Design

  1. Start with the business objective
  2. Focus on usability and utility
  3. Focus on what matters most
  4. Be respectful, honest, and engaging
  5. Don’t make users think
  6. Users don’t read, they scan 
  7. Don’t waste users’ time 
  8. Strive for simplicity
  9. Don’t be afraid of white space
  10. Test early, test often
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