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Savvy Marketing are constantly pushing us with big ideas. We really appreciate working with a team who can think strategically and deliver on the detail. Most importantly they get results.

– Mike Rizzo – MD, Epic Games

Epic Games top trumps tournament

The Problem

An importer of card and board games with a broad range of products.

A fun, educational card game ‘Top Trumps’, was well established abroad but had little awareness in South Africa and sales were disappointing.

A target market of children aged 5-12, with little online engagement, but parents and teachers who would endorse the educational value of the game.

The Solution

Savvy Marketing established and ran a Top Trumps Tournament among junior schools in Year 1, then in Year 2 extended to the Trumps Schools Club. Teachers were recruited via detailed targeting on Facebook and Instagram, and provided material to run an after schools club,  a tournament or integrate the cards into lesson plans. 

With over-loaded email inboxes, the teachers were engaged via a WhatsApp group, with Instagram and Facebook group giving the opportunity to share their own experiences with the games. The schools also nominated their nearest retailers enabling Epic Games to make sure the local retailers were stocking the card game.

The Results

  • Over 12000 children in 400 schools played the Tournament and Schools Club over 2 years.
  • 59% sales growth over 2 years of schools activity
  • Top Trumps accounted for 42% of the company’s total value vs 30% prior to the schools initiative

59% sales growth over 2 years