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Reputation Management

Reputation management is the process of ensuring
that you own your brand story and your digital brand perception.

Using Online PR, Influencer Management and Social Media Marketing, Savvy Marketing can manage your reputation
to meet the expectations of your brand.

Image showing crucial tools for Reputation Management

Online PR

Online PR involves continuously building your brand’s relationship with existing and new potential customers.

If done well, this will achieve authenticity and transparency to distinguish your brand from competitors and establish a strong brand identity.

Savvy Marketing only offers PR as part of a client’s marketing mix only if it is deemed appropriate for the brand and if we are confident in the strength of our position as an agency within your specific industry. We understand the significance of persuasive communication, timing, the use of brand-aligned platforms and even knowing when not to engage in connecting to the right audience.

In addition to externally generated traffic, online PR optimised content has the benefit of aiding website rankings for Search Engine Optimisation which creates inbound links to different, carefully chosen parts of the website.

Influencer Management

Influencers are people with large and engaged followings on different social media networks that collaborate with a brand to generate and publish content on their behalf. A well-chosen influencer may be better received by a target audience than the brand directly as they have already gained their trust.  

Savvy Marketing applies the same rigour to the management of influencers as they do to the rest of their marketing program. When sourcing the appropriate influencers, Savvy ensures that clear deliverables are agreed upon, the copy and creative are consistent with the brand and effective in generating sales. The campaign is measured and reported on in detail which assists in making each incremental campaign better than the last.

Social Media Marketing

Savvy Marketing distinguishes between the use of the paid advertising that social media platforms offer, and the use of the non-paid or ‘organic’ content that can be just as efficient and cost-effective. Both tools need to be used in parallel but it is rare that one can work without the other for a commercial brand or property. Please click here for more information on social media marketing.

Case Studies on Reputation Management