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Social Media Marketing

Savvy Marketing offers results-driven marketing and we enjoy the effectiveness of social media in reaching very targeted customers.

Social media can deliver some of the best Return on Investment of any online marketing tools and should be constantly evaluated for it’s delivery of your campaign objectives.

Savvy won’t rest until your social media is targeting the right audience and delivering value for your brand.

Social Media Platforms


Facebook remains the most popular social network in South Africa. A Facebook page can feed news to your loyal customers if your engaging content, combined with the famous ‘algorithm’, decides you are relevant among messages from friends, family and other brands.

A much more guaranteed route to the pocket of the Facebook shopper is combining content you post to the ‘newsfeed’ with highly targeted ‘boosts’ or sophisticated advertising.


Twitter works well for quick news, public debate and personal expression. It can be used to keep up with trends in your industry, retweet what resonates with your brand, remain relevant and promote material with almost instant feedback.

Twitter requires a very precise content plan and often intense personal engagement.


YouTube the second most visited website in the world after Google.

Original YouTube content can be created to promote your brand. Using good SEO practice through Google search, video content can attract website traffic.

YouTube advertising offers different ad options and Google Ads for Video allow you to only pay for an ad that was viewed for a minimum number of seconds.


Instagram is Facebook’s more image-conscious younger sister. Its users are more engaged than any other social network.

Instagram has spurred the rise of ‘Influencers’ and has eCommerce capabilities through it’s Facebook parent platform.

Instagram needs well-chosen images and a consistent strategy for posts, stories and it’s IGTV platform.



LinkedIn was established as the platform for making Business to Business connections. It has since expanded but is still a formal and professional setting.

LinkedIn is a good environment to establish authority and develop into an industry thought leader. LinkedIn also prioritises the promotion of organic and native posts which is good news for businesses that don’t have a big presence. The interface allows for simple sharing of content such as website blogs and media appearances.

The LinkedIn advertising platform allows targeting by industry, job title, company, location and other parameters which can be used to reach high-value potential customers.


TikTok is the latest platform form mobile video.

Given its relative newness, the platform’s algorithm is less developed than that of other networks which means it is currently easier to receive ‘viral’ attention.

Savvy Marketing offers the following management services for social media

Feed Management: Planning, designing and writing content and posting to engage your following.

Community management: Responding to comments and messages, reposting engaging with other people’s posts and including calls to action in captions, text and video.

Advertising management: See Paid Online Media.

Influencer management: See Reputation Management.