Savvy Values BoldnessTeamworkAccountabilityTLCExplorationDiversity

Savvy Values BoldnessTeamworkAccountabilityTLCExplorationDiversity

Meet the Savvies!

Nicola Savage
Managing Director
Geni Saunders
Graphic & Multimedia Design
Kim Meissenheimer
Marketing Growth Manager
Akhile Mkhonza
Graphic Design
Malebo Esemang
SEO Content Writer
Ntswaki Manabile
Web and Technical SEO Developer
Keera Norton
Marketing Automations
Sean Hoenderdos
Paid Media Analyst

What makes us Savvy?

Everyone at Savvy Marketing is our own brand of ‘Savvy’, identified through a rigorous selection process and growing ability to spot our kind of talent. We find people whose intelligence goes beyond academics to an insatiable hunger to work things out.

We make bold decisions that achieve results for our clients.

Every Savvy feels accountable for the performance of each client’s business and our own, and understands how much of a difference they can make.

We enjoy exploration that teaches us something new daily and delivers the growth our clients deserve.

We are constantly implementing the latest measurable marketing tools to facilitate our own and our client’s growth and productivity.

The Tender Loving Care that goes into making sure every click and every pixel counts on a piece of communication is no less important in every interaction we have with each other, and the TLC when we support each other as a team.

We know we can play a role in the growth of South Africa, one of the world’s most diverse nations. We celebrate our diversity as well as that of the people we market to.