Google Advertising

Google Ads

Google Ads serves as a powerful tool for brands aiming to effectively sell products or services online, boost website traffic, or enhance brand visibility across Google and its network of partner platforms.

Benefits of Google Ads

Google Ads place a brand or product in front of a potential customer exactly when they are searching. This differs from most other forms of advertising which position your advertising in a place where you believe your target market will see it.

The power of Google Ads is that a brand can quickly target an audience and attract clicks from day 1.

Google Ads usually respond to ‘keywords’, the words or phrases the user types, or increasingly speaks, into their device. As clicks are gathered, campaigns are refined and targeting narrowed – this allows us to find the optimal targeting based on what’s driving results.

Importantly, when you have a clear definition of what the objective of your campaign is, Google measures ‘conversions’ to that objective or goal.  The focus is ‘Conversion Rate Optimisation’ – ensuring that a visitor to a website converts to a lead or sale at the lowest cost.

Within a short period of time we can optimise campaigns so that return outperforms the cost of a campaign. The extent to which the campaign does this is measured as the Return on Investment (ROI)

Most of our customers start Google Ads campaigns with a low budget and build as the results come in. Google recommends a minimum of USD $1000 per month to run campaigns effectively but we often run with lower budgets until a return on investment has been achieved.

A Google Shopping Ad

What Savvy Does

  • Agree Client Objectives
  • Agree Campaign Objectives
  • Advise on Budget

  • Research Target Market

  • Research Keywords

  • Integrate ‘Feeds’ from Website

  • Decide on Bidding Strategies

  • Optimise Landing Pages

  • Optimise Landing Pages

  • Create Campaigns

  • Write Copy

  • Design / Choose Images

  • Write Sitelinks

  • Include Callouts

  • Add Local Links

  • Test, Measure, Learn, Adapt

A Google Display Ad

Simpler approaches to running a Google Ad Campaign may be suitable for those testing the waters, but our track record reveals that clients who independently manage their campaigns often experience subpar outcomes.

Managing Google Ads requires an intense level of oversight. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) undergo frequent assessment and adjustments, occurring on a daily basis and no less than weekly. The constant evolution involves the addition or exclusion of ads, products, and keywords, aligning with the business’s changing dynamics, performance metrics, and objectives.

Google Ads Clients