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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is both part of the initial on-boarding process of the ongoing working practice at Savvy Marketing.

Each new client on-boarding starts with a needs assessment and, depending on the requirements identified, involves the following:

  • Digital diagnosis
  • Competitor evaluation
  • Brand positioning statement
  • SMART Objectives
  • Marketing Plan

MD Nicola Savage has 15 years experience in blue-chip FMCG brand marketing, meaning strategic rigour is embedded in the Savvy culture

Digital Strategy tools

In-depth monthly reporting provides Savvy Marketing and its clients with a rigorous data-driven analysis of performance and the opportunity to address any issues as they arise.

Savvy’s in house data analytics platform combines data from all major communications platforms online to make sure learnings are shared. This is available live for clients to access at any time.

Conversion rate optimisation means communication is reevaluated and optimised towards the best-performing campaigns and channels.

An annual review analyses full-year performance and sets the objectives and strategy for the coming year, making sure new market trends and technology developments are leveraged.

Savvy Monthly Report