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Dr Novikova

The Problem

A highly intelligent gynaecologist, new to Cape Town, with a relatively busy practice, but not offering the services that fulfilled her potential. The client had commissioned a good website but had employed a ‘black box’ SEO company who was delivering a high volume of unqualified leads that didn’t lead to long term patients, and was running her own untargeted Google Ads campaign. 

The Solution

Savvy Marketing optimised the Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ad campaigns to convert to real patients. Once this was in place the campaigns were further optimised towards the campaigns that were converting to the longer term and most rewarding patients.

“I have enjoyed working with a team that is able to provide great attention to detail, adjust to new regulations, strategise and deliver great results. Working together with Savvy I have developed a field of aesthetic gynaecology in South Africa which was non-existent a few years ago and increased my gynaecological practice significantly. Having a strong and consistent digital marketing platform developed by Savvy Marketing allowed my practice to stay on track even at the time of the pandemic.”

– Dr Natalia Novikova, Gynaecologist

The Next Problem

This enabled the driven gynaecologist to extend her practice to Johannesburg as she became certified in the field – almost completely new for South Africa – of Aesthetic Gynaecology. The Aesthetic Gynaecology treatments had almost no awareness in South Africa so the previously employed techniques which relied on searches were slow.

The Next Solution

A PR campaign, supported by social media, targeted very specific journalists and bloggers to educate and inform potential clients about the new treatments. This accelerated the growth of the Aesthetic Gynaecology field in South Africa, and with that the practice to a point where it exceeded Dr Novikova’s general gynaecology practice in size.

The Results

The initial campaign drove an increase of +296% in website enquiries* in the first full year of Savvy Marketing. The aesthetic gynaecology campaigns drove a 603% increase in search impressions** on aesthetic gynaecology related keywords less than 1 year after launch, and an aesthetic gynaecology practice larger than the general gynaecology practice.


increase in website enquiries


increase in search impressions