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The Problem

An internationally successful shoe brand with a small but loyal following in South Africa. The client was managing a very active Facebook feed internally with regular but relatively untargeted paid ‘boosts’. The time invested in this feed was unsustainable and it was no longer delivering return on investment.

FitFlop shoes and logo

“We had been investing in a blunt tool for social media. Savvy Marketing used some much more sophisticated techniques which immediately drove results. They then used the results of the campaign to identify improvements necessary on other areas of the business. I value their strategic input and their drive for results ”

-Paul Hancock, Managing Director Intobrands

The Results

The more regular email marketing campaign delivered 1341% return on investment in 2019 after ecommerce tracking was installed* The relaunch of FitFlop Facebook advertising delivered 338% return on investment in month 1**



Return on investment in 2019


Return on investment in 1 month

The Learnings

Integrating ecommerce tracking on an email campaign demonstrates which elements work and which don’t. It can inform the design team which images and formats are most effective, as well as the optimal subject lines, send times and frequencies. A Savvy designer is motivated by learning the effectiveness of their work and will optimise their design so it both looks and works the best for the brand. As the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook (including their Instagram platform) is both effective at reaching customers and monetising the engagement with brands. A brand needs to invest some spend and target using the Facebook tools effectively to deliver return on investment.