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Being a company that relies heavily on online marketing, we were facing disaster after I appointed the wrong person to manage our online marketing and presence. Our leads had all but disappeared. Savvy calmly assessed the position, developed a plan to first steady the ship and then improve our online presence. The results have been great, even in a tough market.  I cannot thank Savvy enough for the support that they provided during a time of need and the ongoing support they provide as we expand our business with their help

– Jaap Brandt, Managing Director Pools for Africa

Pools for Africa - a client of Savvy Marketing

 The Problem

“Help, I launched a new website a month ago and my leads have disappeared. I really don’t like the look of the new website, can you build me a new one immediately?”

 The problem was not the look of the new website, but the fact no Search Engine Optimisation had been conducted to transition (to ‘tell Google’ that the site had changed). The old website may have been ugly but it was search engine optimised. The new site was now ‘lost’ to potential customers on Google.

The Solution

The solution was to quickly restore a very old copy of the previous website while Savvy worked on a new site, and fill the gap left by lost ‘organic search rankings’ with a targeted Google Advertising campaign, while we rebuilt the organic rankings lost.

The Results

The enquiries were recovered in time for the important summer season (within 3 months) and the site generated a 31% increase in online traffic and 48% increase in online enquiries in the first full year of Savvy marketing*

 After continued growth, the now expanded business, and a Savvy business owner drove new tools to fuel growth and combat the seasonality of the market:

 The new website was set to record and measure leads exactly as an ecommerce site would, meaning that all activity can be measured and optimised for conversions.  The next issue was that leads, once sent to head office were unmeasurable as they were sent a network of busy pool installers. Savvy developers built a sophisticated online quoting system, where potential customers are sent a quote from an individual installer, with their pricing and branding, according to the area they live in. At the time of writing (during the Covid 19 shutdown and winter season), the quoting system, combined with Savvy’s conversion-optimised marketing, means that every lead really does count.


increase in online traffic


increase in online enquiries